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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Workin' shirt 6-12 months *SOLD*

It's so fun going through the donations my friends drop off!  Inspiration awaits.  A few years ago, I would have wrinkled my nose at this one and maybe harvested the buttons. 

The stains on the front show that someone was a very hard worker.  Now the back.....that is where the re purposing lies.  Since I can't find my tailor's chalk, break out the kids' washable markers and start drawing! 

The button placket resembled a bib, representing many meals, but the buttons underneath got cut out and used.

Salvaged some denim jeans to form the button placket, just need some holes.  I like the stand collar look of the original shirt, so I kept that in mind when I cut out a new one; I saved the original label on the outside, used some baby novelty scraps for the inside.

 Can you tell that I'm just making stuff up as I go along?  There's a long term plan, but it's flexible.  Note to self:  pinning ultimately saves a lot of seam ripper action.  I just get so excited to see the finished product that I try to skip pinning, then regret it and delay the moment when I get to hang it in the store!  Made some sleeves from the original sleeves, just traced the arm hole and added a seam allowance. 

Got to use the fancy schmancy font to embellish the pocket, much to my delight.  Tags, and now it is in the store SOLD!  So my new mantra is "pin even though you don't feel like it".   Thank you, Susi S., for the super-fun donation!

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