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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Adventure Time Finn Hat *free sewing pattern and tutorial* White Hat with Ears

Adventure Time, c'mon grab your friends....

I like cartoons, and I really enjoy having kids so I have a good excuse to watch cartoons. Once in awhile, a cartoon comes along that we all can enjoy, and it has occurred and is on Cartoon Network.  It's weird, it's funny, it's sometimes creepy, it's got adult moments without being too salty.  

But enough about my feelings, you are probably here for the hat, which is not unlike the one adorning the human living in Ooo.

This pattern fits about a 19-21 inch head, because of the stretch of the fleece.  

For the free pattern, click here or copy this URL and paste it in your browser.
(when you print, be sure that the check mark for the "fit to page" is UN-checked)
This is my first pattern I've made to share, so please be patient!

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: easy peasy.  I am going to use overly explanatory explanations for the nervous beginners because you guys rock for trying something new.  If you need information on sewing with fleece, check out  

TIME NEEDED TO COMPLETE: one hour, but don't be angry with me if I'm wrong.  It really depends on skill level and if you have children.

MATERIALS:You will need a half yard of white fleece.  If you want a contrasting lining, get a half yard of fleece in your choice of color.  Check to see that they stretch about the same.  Oh, and white thread and your choice of closure, i.e. Velcro, large snap closure.  

When you lay out your pattern on the fleece, check to make sure it will stretch in the direction indicated.  Use weights or canned goods to hold pattern in place.

 Trace around your pattern with a washable marker onto the fleece, then cut just inside the marker lines.  Mark the Xs and Os with your marker on both sides of fabric.

Traced pattern

cut just inside your marker lines

 Repeat, cutting the contrast/lining, omitting the "ears".

Your hat and ears and lining.

I use a straight stitch set at 3.0 for this project.  You can do that or use a zigzag stitch.  I don't care, I'm not the sewing police.

Sewing instructions are as follows:

1.  Make your "ears" by sewing two together, right sides together and using a half inch seam allowance, then turning,.  

2.  Lay your hat out flat with right side up.  Position "ears" x and o over x and o on hat, then fold hat, right sides together, as shown. Your "ears" will be sandwiched in with all x's and o's matching.  Pin in place.  Starting at top of the point on the hat, stitch down the edge, catching in the "ears", using a half inch seam allowance.  Repeat on the other side.  You will now have two points.

3.  Pin remaining raw edges of hat, right sides together, and stitch through curve and down to the bottom, as shown.

4.  Lay your contrast/lining out flat with right side up and fold hat as you did in step two with the hat, omitting the part about the ears.  Starting at the top of the point, stitch down the edge; repeat on the other side.  Two points.

5.  Pin remaining raw edges of contrast/lining , right sides together, and stitch through the curve and down to the bottom as you did with the hat.

6.  You can admire your hat and your contrast/lining, which looks strikingly similar hopefully.  Enough admiring, back to work.  

With right sides together, place the lining over the hat and pin so the back of the hat seams match up.

7.  Stitch raw edges together, leaving the bottom portions open for turning.

8.  Turn, pulling through the opening so right sides are out.  Adjust and stretch a bit around the hat so it looks nice and no contrast peeks out.


9.  Tuck in the bottom flap raw edges about an inch and pin in place.

10.  Top stitch a half inch around the entire hat, closing up the bottom flap edges.

11.  Put a closure on the flaps:  many prefer Velcro, I use a big snap closure.  What's your preference?

12.  Don your sweet dome piece and find your adventure.  

Thank you to one of my favorite people, Mary, and her friend Jonathan, for making this pattern look so good!

P.S. If you like this pattern, perhaps you might enjoy a bunny hat, just in time for Easter!  I use the majority of this pattern in my newest post on making a Bunny Hat!

Easter Bunny hat utilizing the Finn Hat pattern!  Find it here.

Thank you to Chelsea for her helpful post about sharing a pdf.  Find out how at

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Felt Owl Brooches

Felt owl pin

Get them while they're hoot!  Bad joke for the're welcome.  I've been using up my felt scraps and embroidery thread to make little owl pins for the store.  It's a great little accent for any age, and I love making them in the evening, curled up on the couch watching "Elf".  You can find my little woodsy owls at Kindel and Company

New sweaters on the way very soon!  Love to all.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Copycat Burton Womens Trailblaze Top (sincerest form of flattery)

From the moment I spied this on Pinterest, I whispered "You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine."  I love cowl necks, and I love flannel, but never the two shall meet?  But they did!

I rarely make clothing for myself anymore, as I find kids way more interesting.  But since this can no longer be found, I knew it was up to me to make it happen.

Here it is, my knockoff of the Burton Womens Trailblaze Top!
Knockoff Copycat Burton Womens Trailblaze Top

My creative process involves thinking for a day, dreaming about it at night, then drawing it out, then thinking another day.  Can't rush this stuff!  Made a mock-up muslin, found it fit, then found some flannel I loved and started cutting.  This top involves 2 yards of nice flannel, thread, 12 snaps, some interfacing, and a pattern.

Here's the deal: I want to share the love, but don't know if there is any interest.  If there is, I'll make up a tutorial and a pattern for this very comfy top.  Just comment your interest or email me with what you would like to see happen.  Otherwise, I'm just standing here by the beach in November, showing you something I made and love!  Happy November everybody, and much love :)

cowl neck flannel (yes, it can be a hood!)

cowl neck flannel shirt like the Burton Trailblaze Top
copycat Burton Trailblaze shirt

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Little Red Holiday Dress 2T-ish

linen tablecloth repurposed dress

Oh, first love!  I so enjoy the beginning, the middle, the finished product "end"! Love it all.
A tiny linen tablecloth, but that embroidery caught my eye.   Great thrift store find!  And so, the beginning....


 Now, I love the pillowcase dress, and it has been a crowd-pleaser for sure, so I kept in in mind while thinking about what to do with such a neat find. As the season dictates, longer sleeves are appropriate, and this one had just the right amount to satisfy both the dress length and sleeves.  Bonus! 

I cut off the top of the tablecloth for the sleeves, after measuring to make sure the length of the dress would be enough..

The front needed something, so I found a bit of plaid from my stash and made it the center front.
To make the raglan-style sleeves, I just cut diagonally on the corners of the dress body and the sleeves.  After attaching the sleeves to the body, I cut a slight curve in the top of the sleeve.

Found some vintage bias tape I had picked up at Burley Park a few years ago and applied, then pulled a length of elastic through the casing.

The sleeves were a bit too long, so I added a length of elastic inside near the elbows, giving the upper arm area a little bit of a pouf. 

The fabric is linen, possibly a cotton blend, and it would be perfect for a party or play!  Can be found at Kindel & Company, marked at $24.  Stay tuned and look for tshirt-lined sweaters coming up soon as well.  Love and peace to all of you, my friends!