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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Little Red Holiday Dress 2T-ish

linen tablecloth repurposed dress

Oh, first love!  I so enjoy the beginning, the middle, the finished product "end"! Love it all.
A tiny linen tablecloth, but that embroidery caught my eye.   Great thrift store find!  And so, the beginning....


 Now, I love the pillowcase dress, and it has been a crowd-pleaser for sure, so I kept in in mind while thinking about what to do with such a neat find. As the season dictates, longer sleeves are appropriate, and this one had just the right amount to satisfy both the dress length and sleeves.  Bonus! 

I cut off the top of the tablecloth for the sleeves, after measuring to make sure the length of the dress would be enough..

The front needed something, so I found a bit of plaid from my stash and made it the center front.
To make the raglan-style sleeves, I just cut diagonally on the corners of the dress body and the sleeves.  After attaching the sleeves to the body, I cut a slight curve in the top of the sleeve.

Found some vintage bias tape I had picked up at Burley Park a few years ago and applied, then pulled a length of elastic through the casing.

The sleeves were a bit too long, so I added a length of elastic inside near the elbows, giving the upper arm area a little bit of a pouf. 

The fabric is linen, possibly a cotton blend, and it would be perfect for a party or play!  Can be found at Kindel & Company, marked at $24.  Stay tuned and look for tshirt-lined sweaters coming up soon as well.  Love and peace to all of you, my friends!