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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

and now....the exciting conclusion (warning: excitement levels may vary)

When we last visited the boring baby blue shirt, plain and tall, it was not what I would tag and call my own.  Bulky finished edges, kinda roomy through the back.  Yeah.  So I trimmed the yellow and pink nightgown-turned-bias-tape at the seam....

folded the excess down on the front and stitched a straight seam on the back, securing it in place....

then trimmed it right up next to the seam, leaving a raw edge with the yellow and pink knit.  When you tend toward bohemian and upcycled style, you can do this!  It isn't fussy, it is cute and fun!

I also put a few pleats in the back to take up the extra fabric and provide a slimmer fit.  Adds a bit of interest, too.

Would pockets make it too busy?  I can't decide.  I haven't put it in the store yet, so pockets might make a great sequel.  Whaddya think?  Should I add some pockets? 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Blue Shirt, plain and tall

So I found this pale blue shirt in the closet, and cannot figure out where it came from!  It is a big and tall shirt, and the collar is stained.  My favorite!  Great fabric,  and lots of it!

Here we go!

I started drawing it out on one side, changed my mind and redrew it a bit smaller (a little more multi-sized). 

(I also thought I could do something with the sleeves, like make a little pair of bloomers for underneath, but upon dreaming up what that would look like, I passed.  I really like repurposing, but I don't think sleeve cuffs for pant legs would be as cute as it would look like an arts-n-crafts project.) 

After cutting out one side, I folded at midline, and traced the other side.  There!  Cut out front and back in one cutting. 

To finish, side seams stitched and serged.  So now what?

I have a stash of ribbons and ric rac bits that fills an milk crate.  So I got to play around til I found a layout I liked.

Thinking about finishing the raw edges....enter sleep shirt!  Lots of fabric, nice amount of stretch, and a little pink print to give boring blue a girly sweetness.

Moving forward....

I cut out 2 inch strips, folded them in half and pressed them, then serged the raw edges, right sides together, to the neck and arm openings.


Yeah....I must be honest, I didn't like the look.  It looks too bulky on the finished edge.  Not petite and girly.  So I tried it on my niece....and confirmed.....I need to fix it.  I said I would post today, so I'll leave you in suspense to see what the "fix" looks like.  Next post will have the finished, store-ready product.

We all have ideas that don't work out.  I just like to post mine!  The joy of working with salvaged fabric and no pattern is that I don't have to hope for the best, I make my own best work happen.  Just have to be creative.  See me tomorrow. :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Don't give up on me yet!

Yikes!  Has it really been a month since I've posted?  Just a wave to say I'm still here, I've got a real post with pics coming up, and thanks for being patient.  The hot weather is not doing me any favors as far as excess energy, and I've had a sick kid that I wouldn't dream of putting on our wonderful new babysitter.  Priorities arranged, kids in the pool with dad, and I'm in my upstairs oven/sewing room putting together a new dress for the's what I'm working with....

Give me a day and check back to see what happens next!