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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Part 2: Easy 4-seam Santa Hats.....instructions for making multiple hats

So you saw how easy it is to make a Santa hat?  Making multiple hats is just as easy, and you will embarrass the dollar store with how inexpensive it is.  I think I made 20 hats last year in 2 and a half hours, and the preschoolers loved them!

And here we go!

Need the Free Printable Pattern again?  Here it is.

In lieu of actual fleece, I am using red construction paper and a tiny pattern.  I can't get to the fabric store until Monday, but I'm so darn excited to share that I improvised!  Proceed....

*I made a mistake!  You only need 3/4 yard of fleece and I wrote 1 yard of fleece.  Please forgive and make a note of the correction*

Pretend it is fleece!  

Getting you oriented.  Go with it....

Fold your edges in toward the center, 10 inches to be specific, on either side.

Lay your pattern on the bottom left folded corner.  Make sure there is very very little extra fabric outside of the pattern.  Like, just the factory edge should be showing.  Trace your pattern with a marker.

Flip your pattern up, as shown, lining it up with the marker line you just made.  Mark the bottom of the hat's body.
Do the same on the right side, making marks for two hats with your marker.

The four hats, marked with numbers so hopefully it is crystal clear.

Cut out your hats, leaving an ample bit of fabric in the center.

Fold your ample fabric down the middle, lining up your edges.

Mark the hat, just as you did with the first hat.

Flip up your pattern and do the same marking as you did with the second hat.

This is what it looks like, and I took the liberty of marking the hat numbers.
There you have it, six hats from 3/4 yard of fleece!  Continue as you would with the original sewing instructions.....with one exception!  Hats #2, #4, #6 with have an extra seam.  Sorry!  They turned into 5 seam hats.  That long would-be fold has turned into a seam.

So there you have it: 6 hats with 3/4 yard of fleece.  Want 9 hats?  Buy 1 1/4 yard of fleece.  Use the tutorial above to make 3 hats along each fold.  12 hats?  Pfffft.....1 1/2 yard of fleece.  You're getting the idea!  Now go on and be merry and bright!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Santa Baby! Easy 4-seam Santa hat FREE pattern/tutorial

Last year, I had the distinct pleasure of making Santa hats for the preschool program.  The hats were a huge hit!  Some of the hats are still being around my house.  Why wouldn't a person simply hit the dollar store for Santa hats, especially 20 of them?  For starters, they are felt and poor quality, in my opinion.  Second of all, it's more cost effective to make them, especially a couple dozen.  Beyond that, this is what I do!  And with an easy-peasy pattern like this, it would have taken me far longer to drive to the store.

While making a few for the store this season, it was brought to my attention that a free pattern and tutorial would be nice.  Say no more!  If you want to make just one or dozens, here is the pattern for you.  I made it all so nice and simple, so very little sewing prowess is needed.  That means YOU, you brave little novices out there!  You can so do this!

Hat fits a 19-22 inch head.

For one hat, you will need:
1/2 yard red fleece
1/8 yard white fleece
1 white pom pom
white thread


Print out the 3 page pattern here.

*note* do whatever your printer needs to do to make sure there are no margins.  Either uncheck "fit to page" or pull down the menu for "no margins".  Anyway, ensure there are no margins.

Match arrows and tape according to pattern.  Cut out pattern.

My favorite method for cutting out the fabric is to lay out the pattern on the fabric, weight it down with canned goods or weights, then trace around pattern with the kids' washable markers.  See the STRETCH arrows?  Be mindful of the stretch of the fabric going with the stretch orientation on the pattern.  Cut inside marker lines.  Remember, align the FOLD arrow  of the pattern on the fabric fold.  Do the same for the hat band on the white fleece, laying it out on the fold, tracing and cutting inside lines.

Two pieces.

OK, let's do our 4 seams.  Ready?

Using a straight (8-10 stitches per inch) stitch or a serger, and a 1/4 inch seam allowance, stitch the body of the hat, right sides to the inside, as shown, in one seam.  If using a straight stitch, drop your needle at the angle and pivot slightly.  If serging, just curve around.  There it is....seam number one.

Next, grab the white hat band and stitch the short ends together, right sides inside.  That was seam number two.

Slide the hat band over the body of the hat so the bottom edges of both are lined up and the seams are matched.

Stitch that bottom edge all the way around, 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Thus, your third seam.

Turn the body of the hat right side out.

Turn the band up at the seam; adjust and finger-press the seam.  If you would feel more comfortable, pin the band in place.

Time for that fourth seam!  Stitch the band to the body at the edge of the band, securing it to the hat body.  A zig-zag stitch is nice, but a straight stitch done 1/4 inch from the edge of the band is good, too.

Four seams! Done!

Hand stitch that pom pom to the end, maybe add a jingle bell.

Who is feeling a bit festive?

Coming up......when you need a bunch of Santa hats......instructions for making this multiply.  Just don't have to wait!  Here it is!