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Friday, October 19, 2012

I made mascara! Eurekaaa...aaaa...eeeeh??? Maybe.

Yes, I still sew.  But I have side projects and ideas and DIY ADD that need attention.

Since I started repurposing fabric like it's my job, it has made me think way outside the box and the big box stores.  You can make that?  Really?  What the stink!?!  It has opened up possibilities beyond  sewing and the kitchen (four years ago, I was smug thinking I knew how to make taco seasoning packets from scratch... I like humble beginnings).

What else can a person make if they are so inclined?

I'm so inclined.

So beauty stuff got really interesting.  One site in particular has me in awe and keeps me  Great reading, great recipes and inspiration abounding.  She has a book, "Food on Your Face", which is on my Christmas list.  I don't mean to gush, but you know how some people admire actors and celebrities?  Bloggers are my celebrities!  I love that talented people take the time to write and share their abilities and their genius.  I have a lineup of bookmarks at the top of my browser of my favorite blogs so I can get there really quick-like.  Because of ideas from blogs, I'm fascinated by what I can pass in the HBC aisle these days .  Fun fact about me: I have been shampoo-free for 3 years now.  You can back away quickly when you hear this, but it's true, and I'm not filthy.  Didn't know it was feasible, and I can't fathom going back.  But I digress....

There was once a day when I wouldn't leave the house/dorm room/apartment/camper without "my face".  I'm far less concerned about it in recent years, but it is still nice to have the option.  I vowed at one point that I would never be so poor that I couldn't purchase mascara.  I have blonde eyelashes, so that leads to questions about my health and well-being when I appear washed out due to lack of mascara.  However, I worry about putting scary chemicals so close to my eyes, and I remember the old myth about bat guano as an ingredient..... it as fast as my stubby little fingers can manage.  After perusing for a bit, one concoction caught my attention:  Aloe vera gel and activated charcoal.  Hey! I have that!

Trial and (messy) error, I got a good consistency.  So I mixed up a batch and put it in a jar.  The next day, it was watery and had a grey goo covering it.  Sick.  I tried it again with a super-clean, steamy jar.  Again, next day, gross gloop.  Necessary to make one batch at a time?  Makes it pretty tempting to go with store-bought or skip it altogether, and I'm over the top, freaky weird about not giving up on homemade.  And at last....I have it!

Ta-da!  DIY, homemade mascara!
In a cute little jar, combine....
1 teaspoon activated charcoal
1 teaspoon aloe vera gel
1 pinch salt

Mix thoroughly but carefully, it can get messy.  Scoop out a bit onto your palm and use an old mascara wand to apply.  When ready to apply the next day, if it is a little dry, scoop a little onto your hand and add a drop of aloe vera gel and mix. 

In conclusion:
It has now lasted me 4 days, sans grey flora.  It takes an extra minute to prepare compared to store-bought, but it isn't about the 60 seconds of inconvenience for a granola-phile like myself.  My lashes look nice, and I'm convinced that are longer since I've started using this recipe.  Like so long they are almost tangled and need to be combed.  If anybody tries this, will you comment on eyelash growth?  It might just be wishful thinking, so I'd like some other opinions.  I would also love to hear about your DIY stuff if you'd like to share, so do feel free to comment.  Check out if you want more ideas about changing up your routine.

Now back to my sewing machine.  Halloween is just around the corner and I have costumes to make.

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