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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Bunny Hat*free pattern/tutorial*....and recycling a former post!

bunny hat with ears

Easter sneaked up on me this year.....or that is what I always claim!  Truth is, I'm just not a great planner.  So when the notion to make a bunny hat struck me this morning, I wondered how I could get it up on my blog fast enough!  Duh!  Let's use an existing pattern and modify it for the season!

See the pattern and instructions for Adventure Time Finn Hat.  When you print out the Finn Hat pattern, print out the  Bunny Ears.  I marked the x and o the same on the bunny ears as I did the short ears on the Finn hat, so place them just the same way.

Before you follow the instructions for the hat, get out your glue gun and plug it in.  Take two of your bunny ear pieces and lay a few long lines of glue the length of each ear, beginning an inch from the top and ending two inches from the bottom.  ALLOW TO DRY THOROUGHLY.  Put it in the freezer, if you must!
Several rows of glue running down the length of an ear piece.

Stitch a glue-covered ear to a plain ear, glue side out, all the way around, pivoting at the ear point.  Leave the short, straight bottom edge open.  Turn ear so glue is inside.  And there you have a free-standing ear!  Repeat with other ear.  

Of course, for more of a floppy look, feel free to omit the glue.  Or stuff it with some batting.  However you like your bunny ears, it is your hat!  

Follow the step by step Finn hat instructions.  Find yourself some bunny to love!
Awesome Bunny!
Baby Bunny!
my Xander-bunny

Thanks to Mandy at for your excellent photography skills!  Much love~


  1. Hey, I'm Joyce Slaton, I'm an editor at BabyCenter and we'd love to run a version of your Finn hat tutorial on our site. Sorry to leave a comment this way, i couldn't find an email address on the site. If you're interested, please respond to Thanks! Joyce

    1. Joyce, I'm thrilled that you like my little tutorial and would love to collaborate. Let's talk!