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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Hippy-Dippy Sippy

And now, as a diversion from the regularly scheduled sewing.....

Due to growing concern over bottled water (I'll let others elaborate), I have eschewed the ubiquitous plastic menaces in favor of.....a glass jar with a lid.  Wow. Sexy, I know. I don't get styrofoam cups for my coffee fixx either; I have some rather attractive ceramic mugs with lids for my hot beverages. But back to my jar; it used to contain spaghetti sauce, and when the contents were gone and it was being rinsed for the recycling, I noticed it was a rather nice jar. Good size, wide mouth, measurments printed on the side. So I saved it with all the rest of the jars in my weird little jar collection in the cupboard....why do I save those things? I've been using said jar as a water bottle, but just today made its liquid refreshment readily accessible with a drill and a vinyl grommet from the hardware store.

Ta-da!  The Hippy Sippy! 
Just drilled a hole, trimmed away the sharp edges, inserted the grommet and found a bendy straw.  I had an old wool sock that I hadn't worn in years as it was itchy and had no elastic stay-up power; I cut off the foot part, pinched 4 corners to make an x and stitched.  Hence, my cup cozy that keeps me from breaking it with my carelessness as well as keeping the condensation at bay.  My Hippy Sippy with a sweater! 

Can one take Reduce/Reuse/Recycle too far?  So far, not that I have observed.  Do what you can, and I'm totally comfortable with it.  I'm not yet ready to share the other weird stuff I do in the name of recycling or preserving my health on the wide wide web!  I'll stick with sharing what I'm sewing.

Now that I've strayed into DIY territory, let's head back to the regularly irregular sewing blog!

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