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Friday, May 11, 2012

stage fright

Soooooo....I started a blog.  Yes, I did.  Giant rule of blogging is to not let your blog stagnate.  So I'm panicking.  In my haste to get it going, I didn't really have any pictures organized or ideas for new projects, and it is starting to feel like a false start.  I wonder how many musicians have had years of thought and planning in their first album, then wonder how they can possibly come up with a second album?  I've been thinking about this for months, "starting a blog"; maybe I should have thought about it more like "continuing a blog".  Now I am afraid I'll let it go too long while I worry about which font to use, and it will get easier and easier to put off posting until tomorrow.  When Mike asked if I had posted today and I told him of this and my fears, he said "Well, at least post what you just told me."  Thank you, Mike, that was just what I needed!

This weekend I will be selling hanging flower baskets here in town at Kindel & Company; proceeds benefit Northland Co-op Preschool.  I'll bring my computer in the event that there is down time, get some pictures cleaned up and organized, and proceed to more interesting posts.    I'd bring my sewing machine and set up out front if that didn't make me look nuts, like that ever bothers me!  When given a choice, I'd always pick sewing.  But perhaps right now my time is better utilized getting organized and planning.  Wow!  A blog is resembling work!  At least, the blog in my imagination is work.  I'll get there. 

For now, I'll show you what I'm up to....

Now is the part where I confess that, 2 years and 50+ kids outfits later, I am not filled with new ideas over the last month or two. Not a great time to start a blog, amiright?  Rather than let that stop me or my love of sewing, I got some inspiration from A PATTERN!  *gasp*  As a veteran of the tissue-paper patterns, I have a sizable box brimming with envelopes  featuring dresses dating back to the late 80s when I was an early teen.  I haven't had much use for purchased patterns since I started sewing kids clothes; it's not difficult to utilize their wardrobes as a size guideline.  Not to mention the inspiration I get from wonderful, talented, creative bloggers with their tutorial bounty!  But I have decided to use a pattern during this little creative lull I'm in.  In keeping with my salvaged/re purposed/reconstructed goals, I have a charming thrift store flowery cotton sheet and a pillowcase, and then I ran across a vintage pattern at a yard sale in the "free" pile.  How retro is this pattern? I love it!

I think I might be using this one for a bit as it is easy and great for summer, so I transferred the markings to some heavy paper and cut it out.  Ran out of spray adhesive, so I couldn't just glue the pattern to the paper.  Did the markings by hand and, yes, I had help....

Coming up.....the finished project!  (I really would like to become adept at taking pictures of the steps between raw material and hanging in the store!) 

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