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Saturday, May 5, 2012!

It's time. My nerves are jangled, my palms are sweaty, but it's blog debut time. My mama always told me it isn't polite to yammer on and on about myself, so creating a blog about what I do is going to be a challenge. Not to mention my need to be validated! Is it too late to back out? Yep. Now or never.  Here goes....

If you are checking out my blog because you have seen my stuff at Kindel&Company or Hit The Road Joe, then you have seen the bio that follows. 

DooDah Kids is a line of children’s clothing derived from recycled, upcycled, salvaged and repurposed materials to create a completely one-of-a-kind item for the little one in your life.  DooDah Kids is brought to you by Brandy, an environmentally-conscious mom and a creative seamstress.  Inspired by her son, Xander, and his love for tractors, aka “DooDahs”,  Brandy strives to break the mold on traditional children’s clothes while being a good steward to the planet.   Each garment is individual and unique, partially or completely handmade from quality materials, durable enough for daily wear and machine-washable for convenience.  Line-drying is recommended, for the sake of the environment as well as the garment’s embellishments.  Thank you for your interest in DooDah Kids, and please continue to think global and shop local!

My goal for this blog is to document each piece from start to finish, the materials used, the techniques used, the time involved, and the love I have for what I do!  I started sewing kids clothes on a whim, but because of the encouragement of family and friends like Christian at,  I feel like I have found a niche.  The end....for today....but this is just the beginning.  More to come!
(one of the first designs, courtesy of Dad)

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  1. Good job Brandy:) Very excited and proud....!!!