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Monday, May 7, 2012

Post 2.0 (with a real model!)

Oh, how I yearn for the day when this blogging stuff comes easily and I don't wonder which click is going to take me further away from  what I'm trying to accomplish!  I'm the sewing lady, not a computer lady or even a photographer.  My goal is to tell a story about each garment, start to finish; I can learn to navigate blogspot and take a few pictures to tell the story, but it isn't natural yet.  On that note, I had the pleasure of working with Cat, who is showing off a couple of items currently for sale at Kindel & Company. 

Cat loves the camera far more than Damian, who does slightly resemble some of the bored looking adult male models, pouting in the background.  Cat is wearing a 3T-4T pullover dress; it is vintage cotton/poly fabric, lined with a very soft baby blue cotton.

 Cat is also showing off a 4T peasant blouse in the softest cotton ever; I cut up a vintage Sally Gee scarf with a gorgeous orange flower design, using the rolled hem from the scarf as the hem for the sleeves and bottom edges.  It is light, airy and great with jeans, leggings, or a skirt.  Thank you again, Miss Cat! 

To reiterate, my goal is to give a little history of each garment, from its humble repurposed/salvaged/reused beginnings, through the process, to the end when it hangs in the store.  Oh, I'd be thrilled if I could throw a few tutorials in as well!  That will be coming up soon, but until I get accustomed to taking pictures as I create (and get my sewing area cleaned up so you don't gasp in horror at the "creative process"), I will just keep the blog updated regularly with pictures of "what's new". 

I can't express enough how excited I am to have a blog!  It's super-fun to hear "You made that?  Holy Crap!"   

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