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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Voila! A reversible 3T-4T dress!

From humble beginnings, a flat sheet and pillowcase from a thrift store, a few scraps of velour for the welt pockets, and.....
Two dress!
To save time, I cut out two dresses, but then decided to try something new.  Is there even a market for a reversible dress?  I don't know.  Two dresses in one seems like a good idea.  We shall see! 

The welt pockets take some practice and patience, but the finished product is quite appealing.  Burdastyle offers a great tutorial for a perfect pocket. 

I had a moment, at 9pm, which is sadly past my bedtime, when I could not for the life of me figure out what seams to sew to make it reversible.  In an effort to reduce hand stitching or the dreaded fold-and-topstitch, which never looks good or ends well with me, I couldn't think for the melatonin setting in.  Finally I settled on stitching the two front pieces together, right sides together, at arm openings, neck openings and bottoms, leaving the shoulder and side seams open.  Did the same for the back pieces.  Pulled them through so right sides faced out, then sewed front to back at side seams on the pink fabric and as far as I could on the blue.  To finish, I did a little topstitch close to the edge to join front to back on the blue fabric.  Little more involved than a regular lining as it will be showing, but did I mention you don't have to make your raw edges look beautiful when it is fully lined? 

If I lost you non-sewers two paragraphs ago, don't feel badly.  But for those of you who think, "you know, I could do that",  YOU CAN!!!!  Try a simple pullover dress, like this which is only two pattern pieces if you don't count the pockets, and you can do it!  And if you do, will you please take pictures of the finished product for me?  I love sharing success stories, or fail stories! If you aren't up to the task of a reversible dress, bias tape can be used to finish the neck and arm openings as well as the hem on a regular, unlined dress.  Prudent Baby, one of my regular stops on the wide wide world of web, offers a wonderful tutorial on working with bias tape here.   

This dress sold today!  So another one will be ready soon.


  1. Very cool, Brandy. Perhaps you should make them in adult sizes as well, then when I spill coffee down the front, I could just whip it "inside out" (privately, of course) and I am good as new! :) Susi

  2. I should! Or perhaps there is a niche market in which you could settle into???! Adult reversible clothing! Love it!