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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quick and Easy....Pillowcase Diaper Clutch with Changing Pad TUTORIAL!

At last! Two months have elapsed since last posting....I think I fell into the blogging abyss!  Have been sewing up a small storm, but remember as I'm finishing up a hem, "Oh yeah....I have a blog that could use some updating.  Huh.  Well, since I'm almost done and didn't take any pictures, I guess I'll wait until the next one."  Repeat times ten or twelve.  What is my haste?

Pillowcase dresses, my friends!  I am so fortunate that I'm getting requests!  Yes, requests!  Thank you to my loyal Doodah fans for your support.  Pillowcase dresses are selling like crazy, despite the change of season quickly approaching. And why wouldn't they?  They make wonderful shower gifts for the giver who is thinking a year or two down the road. 

So there I was.  Gazing down at a beautiful petal pink floral vintage pillowcase I just scored at a thrift store.  I have been wanting to cut into it for a week, and now it's time.  Oh, but I should make that shower gift that I need for the shower we are attending....TOMORROW.  Planning isn't my strong suit.  This isn't the worst planning I've done.  I'm not late to the shower, pulling pins and clipping threads while driving.  But still, it is tomorrow.  But the pretty pink pillowcase is tempting me.  Dilemma.  I'm staring at the pillowcase.  And then...*hallelujah chorus*

What about a pillowcase diaper clutch?  Can I?  Will it work?  I'm in a bit of a time crunch, but my uber-supportive husband say "go", and right then and there, I'm going to make up something new, do a tutorial, make a gift and use that beautiful pink pillowcase.

My first tutorial!!!!  Away we go....

The Quick and Easy Pillowcase Diaper Clutch with Changing Pad

*makes a great last-minute baby shower gift!*

1 pillowcase, and for the measurements in this tutorial, I used a 31 1/2 inch by 19 1/2 inch pillowcase.
19 inch by 4 inch strip of contrast fabric. 
1 snap closure, magnetic or otherwise, your choice. 
19 inch by 19 inch square of batting. 
Thread, iron, yardstick, fabric marker, machine, and the accoutrement of sewing.

1.  Press your pillowcase so it is wrinkle-free.  Lay it out in front of you.  The opening is at the right, the short, closed end on the left, the long seam is at the top, and what you are looking at will be the inside of the clutch.

2.  Mark your pillowcase with straight lines A through E as illustrated above.    Make two "x" marks where indicated, and transfer them to the other side of the pillowcase, which we will now refer to as the outside of the clutch. 

3.  Next, slide the batting inside the pillowcase and move it to the very end, smoothing it out and using a few pins to hold it in place on edges and corners.  No image or illustration here.  Ensure that it is smooth and not lumpy or shifted inside the pillowcase. 

4.  Starting at the top, stitch the length of line C, then line B, using a straight seam. Or a fancy-schmancy decorative stitch.  Whatever you like.  Starting at the top where the original pillowcase seam is preferable to ending there, as  the seam could shift.

5.  Turn pillowcase over so you are looking at the outside.  Set half your snap on the X between C and D.  You can go through all layers of pillowcase; it won't show anyway.

6.  Turn again so you are looking at the inside.  Fold the opening of the pillowcase along line D so the opening edge meets line C.  Press the fold.  Pin in place with a few pins toward the center.

7.  Stitch the length of lines E and A.  Stitch the side ends closed, forming the two pockets for the diapers and wipes.  Reinforce the ends of your seams with extra back stitching or a tiny, short zigzag.  The body of the clutch is almost done! 

Just one more little detail...

8.  Make a tab to hold your clutch closed.  On your contrasting fabric, right side, set the other portion of the snap at the end, maybe an inch or so from the end.

 Right sides together, fold in half so you have a 9 1/2 x 4 inch rectangle.  Using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, stitch both longer sides, leaving the short end open. 

Turn right side out and press.

Fold under a half inch at the open end near the snap and press, closing up the tab. Stitch end closed.

 9. On the outside of the changing pad portion, find your X located between lines A and B. With the snap facing down, place the fold portion of the tab on the X so the snap end is crossing line A and the snap is nearer to the left side of the pillowcase. Pin in place. Fold clutch to make sure it is correctly placed and reposition if necessary. Stitch yourself a little square on the tab covering the X, thereby attaching the tab to the pillowcase. If you are feeling frisky and fun and have fonts, go crazy on the tab portion covering the X and put names or word, or use cute stitches to make your square. It will be on the outside so use your imagination!

10.  Fold along line E, then along line A, then fold along the space between B and C.  Snap tab in place.  Admire your work.  Unfold, place a diaper or two in one pocket, a case of wipes in the other.  Refold and give to a wonderful mama to place in her purse for those times when going into a store for just a sec and doesn't want the whole diaper bag. 


My first tutorial!  How did I do?  Was it clear?  What can I do to improve?  Hope you find it useful.  :)

Thanks to for the easy to use diagram software! 

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